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Emergency Showers: what are they and how to use them

In industrial plants as in laboratories you can find yourself in an emergency situation such as, burns, irritations, being exposed to chemicals or any type of harmful situation. In these types of situations, it is imperative a quick and effective intervention so that these situations to not convert into greater problems. 

At Carlos Arboles we have different solutions for work protection including Emergency Showers which give you a quick option to decontaminate the affected area. We explain you how to use the showers correctly. 

What are emergency showers 

Emergency showers are used for safety measures especially designed to supply an important quantity of water all over the body of the effected person. 

The European standard EN 15145, the main purpose is to dilute and eliminate by mechanical systems whatever type of dangerous substance.  Emergency shower must provide minimum flowrate of 60min/l and should operate during a 15 min period. 

One of the main characteristics of an emergency shower is that it has a specific water spray pattern that this is 700mm below the shower head, the water is disbursed in an even way until a radius of 400mm. 

Another important part of the shower is that the push handle should be big enough to be used with work gloves and the valve should open quickly and without difficulty. The valve should stay open the whole time and be turned off manually. At Carlos Arboles the valves have a unique design to be used in emergency situations so they do not block or seize without being used for long periods of inactivity.  

Where are emergency showers installed

To use properly and effectively the key factor is it location. In general, it is recommended to install the showers within reach of 10 seconds from the workplace where there are dangerous / chemical products. It is important that the showers are in a visible spot and with easy access from at least three sides. As well they should be at the same level as the hazardous products, this means there should be no obstacle in the way, no doors or stairs blocking. 

The signage of the emergency shower with the symbol of the shower is imperative so that the users can recognize. Through this form they can act correctly in case of an emergency. At Carlos Arboles the showers are in yellow with high visibility so they can be seen in dark areas and without much light. 

Also, it is convenient to have a drain to avoid waterlogging as this could cause falls and damage to the equipment. Also, the supply of water to the emergency showers need to meet the following conditions: 
  • They should be supplied with the main water supply or an emergency supply line. The diameter of the main tube should be a minimum of G 1".
  • It is recommended that the water pressure for the Emergency Shower is at a minimum of 2 bar. 
  • It is recommended the water temperature be at 15º C to 37º C.
  • It is recommended the installation of a filter, as well as to purge the tubes before installing the Emergency Shower. 
  • It is necessary to use drinking water or water with a similar quality. 

How to use emergency showers 

In case somebody has been contaminated with chemicals they need to follow these steps when they go to use the emergency shower:
  • Try to advise a co-worker or ask for medical help on your way to the shower.  In work areas you can install an alarm to be warned automatically. 
  • Pull the rod of the emergency shower, generally it is a triangle shape although it can be a pedal o platform as well.
  • The shower is activated and your two hands will be free. While you are underneath the water, take off your clothes to the affected area, also take off shoes, jewelry as long as they are not stuck on your skin
  • The contaminated area makes sure that you are under the shower for at least a 15min period. The more time underneath the shower the better to eliminate the contaminated area. 
  • If the chemical substance is very dangerous and if burns have been caused, communicate the name of the substance or the data sheet of the substance. 

What type of maintenance should be performed 

It is recommended to check the shower is working correctly at least once a week, even though they are not used very often. This way you can verify that all parts of the shower are working correctly because sometimes the showers can be damaged, also very important the water feed, sometimes the water is cut off and bacteria can form.  Also, you should perform cleaning to the shower as it can get dirty and effect the shower working properly. 

It is also imperative that there is an emergency plan in place. Employees should know the procedure and should include: 
  • The location and the signage of the Emergency Showers
  • Know how to operate the Showers
  • Know how to inform the correct persons 
  • Maintenance to perform for the Emergency Showers 

Emergency Showers from Carlos Arboles 

At Carlos Arboles we offer a full range of emergency showers, you can choose which model best fits your industry in which you work 

There are many options to protect your worker and avoid greater problems. Please contact us for a quotation, we can assess you which model of our showers suits you best to maximize the right model for you.

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