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European standards on emergency showers and eyewashes: EN 15154


The European standards EN 15154 regulates the design, installation and maintenance of emergency showers and eyewashes. In Spain, this equipment is specifically regulated by the UNE-EN 15154 standard. These standards were developed to ensure the safety and protection of people in environments that present risks due to hazardous substances.

Following the standards is essential to ensure the safety of workers. In addition to minimizing the risk of injury or damage to health due to exposure to hazardous substances, following the standards also helps to ensure that signage for emergency showers and eyewashes is clear and easily identifiable, which can be crucial in an emergency situation.

The official standards also include the quantity and pressure of water, location, appropriate signage and the number of equipment required. In addition, they regulate the frequency and procedures for inspection and maintenance to ensure that this equipment is in good condition and functioning properly in case of emergency. 

It is important to know that standards may vary by geographic location and industry, so it is essential to consult applicable local and industry standards before installing an emergency shower or eyewash. Next, we will explain what safety showers and eyewashes are and the six EN-15154 standard that regulate these safety features.

What are emergency showers and eyewashes?

Emergency showers and eyewashes are a key element in the safety and protection of workers in a wide variety of environments. They are essential equipment in industrial and chemical environments where hazardous substances are handled. An emergency shower is a system that allows people to rinse their face and the rest of the body with water in case of exposure to chemical or toxic substances. At Carlos Arboles we have wall, floor and overhead emergency showers.

On the other hand, an emergency eyewash is a device that allows the eyes to be washed quickly and efficiently when a person is affected by exposure to toxic substances. Eyewashes irrigate the person's eyes with plenty of water to quickly decontaminate any possible infection or contamination. 

They are usually used in the laboratory environment, although they are also useful for people who expose their eyes to hazardous materials, for example, in the industrial sector, construction, transport of dangerous goods, firefighters and rescue services, among others. For this purpose, at Carlos Arboles we have different types of emergency eyewashes: table, wall, floor and portable eyewashes.  

These emergency equipment are designed to be easily accessible and usable in case of emergency, and their location and clear signage are crucial to ensure their effective use. In addition, they should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure their proper functioning in case of emergency.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Click: Pedestal shower, ABS shower head          Click: Wall mounting eyewash, ABS bowl

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EN-15154 standards on emergency showers and eyewashes

Both at Spanish and European level, the EN 15154 standard applies to emergency showers and eyewashes used in workplaces. This standard establishes the technical specifications so that this equipment complies with the safety and performance requirements necessary for its effective use. EN 15154 is divided into six parts according to the type of equipment we are talking about:
  • EN 15154-1: Plumber in body showers for laboratories.
  • EN 15154-2: Plumbed in eyewash units.
  • EN 15154-3: Non plumbed in body showers. 
  • EN 15154-4: Non plumbed in eyewash units.
  • EN 15154-5: Water overhead body showers for sites other than laboratories.
  • EN 15154-6: Plumbed in multiple nozzle body showers for sites other than laboratories.

The main objective of the standards, as mentioned above, is to minimize the risk of injury due to exposure to hazardous substances. In addition, it is to provide a safe and effective means of cleaning and neutralizing the substances in question. This includes consideration of factors such as the amount and type of chemicals or toxic substances present in the environment, the location of the shower or eyewash, the ease of access and the time required to reach them in the event of an emergency.

Carlos Arboles: experts in emergency showers and eyewashes

At Carlos Arboles we offer you a wide variety of emergency showers and eyewashes of all types so that you can choose the one that best suits your industry and workspace. Thanks to their design, our showers and eyewashes offer greater coverage for washing the face and the whole body, to guarantee a fast, effective and safe solution in the event of an emergency. Contact us, ask for a quote and we will advise you with no obligation to offer you the shower or eyewash that best suits your needs.

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