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Laboratory taps and emergency equipment | Carlos Arboles

The core values of Carlos Arboles during the last 90 years


Every company has a series of values that make it last and operate uninterruptedly for a long time. Since 1929, at Carlos Arboles we have been manufacturing taps of different types and applications and we are currently specialized in the manufacture of emergency showers and eyewashes and laboratory taps


For the last 90 years, Carlos Arboles stands out for its tradition in technology and has managed to leave its personal stamp and is considered a reference in its sector. In this article, we explain the main values that have characterized our company throughout this time. 


Global service

One of the most important values of Carlos Arboles is the service, from the beginning with a local service to its expansion into the international market. Since 1944, we have been supplying a wide range of laboratory taps and, since 1976, a complete range of emergency equipment. From our factory in Barcelona we export to over 70 countries through distributors and a subsidiary in the UK. We also offer technical advice and spare parts for our models. 


Product quality

At Carlos Arboles we are certified according to ISO 9001, and all the products manufactured at the company are made with resistant and durable materials following different international product standards. The materials of the emergency showers and eyewashes are made of galvanized steel, brass connections and other parts of reinforced ABS plastic. In addition, the base construction and surface fixing elements are always made of metal to withstand adverse conditions. 


On the other hand, laboratory fittings as well as emergency showers and eyewashes are particularly characterized by their corrosion-resistant plastic coating. This coating is made of polymer 11 in yellow and has a thickness of 250 to 300 microns. In general, it has a good resistance to alkalis, sea water and saline atmosphere; to oils, greases and aromatic solvents; to organic acids, diluted mineral acids and aliphatic solvents.


Own design and in house manufacturing

At Carlos Arboles we have a technical department that allows us to manufacture and continuously improve our products, through the construction of designs with CAD tools and the creation of prototypes. These models are approved and certified in our laboratory, where demanding mechanical and hydraulic tests are carried out to ensure their good functionality. 


During the manufacturing process, we have high-precision CNC lathes and machining centers designed specifically for the production of fittings. After the anti-corrosion coating process, the assembly line completes the manufacturing process by checking the tightness of the parts. Throughout this procedure, the quality department is responsible for checking that the manufacturing process is correct.

At Carlos Arboles we have a wide variety of taps for laboratories and emergency showers and eyewashes. Contact us, ask for a quote and we will contact you to help fulfill your needs.

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