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Laboratory taps and emergency equipment | Carlos Arboles

What types of laboratory taps are there?


Laboratory tap are specialized devices designed to control and dispense fluids. They are a key component in most scientific and technical laboratories, as they provide a precise and safe way to control the input and output of liquids. These tap are used in a wide variety of applications, from solution mixing to dispensing gases and other fluids.


Laboratory tap are designed to meet strict quality and safety standards. They are made with resistant and durable materials to ensure reliability in corrosive and abrasive environments. At Carlos Arboles, we offer a wide range of laboratory tap, mainly characterized by their anti-corrosive plastic coating. This material offers high resistance to acids and great durability. Additionally, the tap are designed with safety features such as shut-off and locking valves to prevent spills and ensure user safety.


There is a wide range of laboratory tap available on the market. From simple and basic tap to advanced models with specialized features for specific applications that can meet customers' needs. If you want to know why it is important to have tap specially designed for laboratories, please refer to this article. Next, we will explain all the types of laboratory tap that exist according to the type of fluid, installation, and construction material.

Monobloc hot and cold water mixer, table mounted, aerator

Hot and cold water mixer 150mm centers, aerator

Vertical water tap, table mounted, fixed spout, rear handle

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Types of laboratory taps 

At Carlos Arboles we have a manufacturing system that supplies a complete range of laboratory taps. These are made for every need of any laboratory, be it chemical, pharmaceutical or research, among others. All our taps are characterized by being coated with an anticorrosive plastic of polyamide 11 of 250-300 microns of thickness. This coating is resistant to bases, organic acids, diluted mineral acids and aliphatic solvents. It is of vegetable origin and does not contain volatile components or heavy metals. They can be manufactured in light gray, black, dark gray or white.


Classification according to the type of flui

  • Water tap: These tap are used to dispense cold and hot water or special waters such as deionized water, purified water, or distilled water. They are ideal for applications that require a constant flow and easy control.

  • Technical gas tap: These tap are designed to disperse gases such as compressed air, nitrogen, helium, and carbon dioxide. They are resistant and have safety features to prevent spills and leaks.

  • Burning gas tap: Manufactured to control and dispense flammable gases such as natural gas, butane, or LPG.


Classification according to the place of installation 

  • Wall-mounted: These taps are installed on the wall and have a pipe that connects directly to the fluid supply source. They are ideal for applications that require a permanent installation.

  • Bench-mounted taps: These taps are placed on a work surface and have a flexible pipe that connects to the fluid supply source. They are ideal for mobile applications or situations where a permanent installation is not required.

  • Suspended or gallery taps: These taps are mounted on a support structure, such as a gallery, to free up space on the work surface. They are ideal for applications with limited space requirements and provide convenient access to fluids.

  • Fume hood valves: These taps are characterized by combining a front-mounted valve on the cabinet and an outlet inside the cabinet.


Classification according to construction material 


Carlos Arboles: experts in laboratory taps 


At Carlos Arboles, we offer you a complete range of high-quality and reliable laboratory tap. We have different configurations to meet the requirements of any laboratory. In addition, we manufacture special models that adapt to the needs of our clients and develop new products that fit the available space, distribution, and organization. Contact us, request a quote, and we will provide you with advice without obligation to offer you the model that best suits your needs.

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