Laboratory taps and emergency equipment | Carlos Arboles
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Laboratory taps and emergency equipment | Carlos Arboles

Technical information

CARLOS ARBOLES, S.A. supplies high quality Showers and Eyewashes that are extremely reliable.The following are the main technical characteristics that distinguish our products.


Materials in contact with water are galvanizedsteel pipes, brass fittings and ABS reinforced plastic.We also have the ability to manufacture equipmentin stainless steel.

All our products are constructed from high qualitymaterials, where fastening is surface mounting thecomponents are always metallic.This results into a robust equipment for the mostadverse conditions

The water distribution pattern is in accordanceto all relevant standards to give a wide and smooth flow pattern.
The large Shower head diameter of 250 mm and the design of the flow holes prevent restrictedflow caused by lime scale or contamination.

We have different models based on theirinstallation, so as WALL, FLOOR, or TABLE mounted.
he equipment is supplied disassembled, itsassembly is easy and unmistakable.
We have different types of mechanisms:
Shower with a pull handle or lever.
Automatic opening and closing when. Enteringand leaving the platform.
Eyewash with a push lever, pedal, or platform operation.

One or two spray heads offer a low pressure aerated water, which flushes the face and the eyes withoutdamaging the delicate eye tissues.

The large-diameter jet reaches a 15 cm height, according to the standard. The plastic materials and roundedforms will not cause facial damage in the case of accidental contact. They include an anti-dust cover whichoperates automatically when the Eyewash unit is activated.

Anti-corrosive polyamide 11 plastic coating, in HIGH-VISIBILITY YELLOW color. This plastic coating hasa thickness of 250 to 300 microns. It has good resistance to acids, bases, sea water, oils...

The coating is not derived from petroleum, but is a raw material originating from vegetable oil, and therefore,it preserves the environment. We have a Chemical Resistance Table, which can be consulted on our webpage:

The Shower and Eyewashes include valves that are specifically designed to beused in emergency situations, since they do not become obstructed nor do they stickup after long periods of inactivity.

Optimal results after more than 100,000 cycles.

In order to prevent freezing or excess temperature in the pipes, we offer differentsolutions:

Automatic drain valvesto avoid pipe freezing.
Temperature protectionvalves, that create ableed line when thetemperatures of thesupply piping are extreme.
Thermostatic valve for thesupply of tempered water.

Our valves regulate thewater flow, regardless ofthe inlet pressure.

he Showers are regulatedat 110 l/min, and theEyewashes at 22 l/min..
Recommended pressure 2 bar.
Maximum pressure: 8 bar.Please notify us if your equipment will operate at pressures lower than 1.5 bar.

The Emergency Equipment includes:

A photoluminescence signaling plate with a green background and white text.Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
Maintenance table and installation instructions.
Optionally, an ALARM that may provide a visual and sonorous signal when theEquipment is operated.

Our products meet or exceed the requirements::

ANSI Z358.1

EN 15154-1 and 15154-2

DIN 12198:3

CARLOS ARBOLES, S.A. designs and manufactures Emergency Equipment complying with the current International standards that ensures the user’s safety.

The requirements of these standards are, among others: the flow to be supplied by the Emergency Equipment, the distribution of the water pattern on the body, the dimensions of the facility and the operating elements, signs and accessibility aspects.


The European Standard EN 15154 applies in Europe according to this standard, the Emergency Equipment is divided into:

EN 15154-1:2006
Emergency Showers used in Laboratories.

Declaration of Conformity certified by APPLUS
In Europe, the only standard for Emergency Showers used in industrial facilities is the German Standard DIN 12899-3:2007.

DIN 12899-3:2007
Duchas de Emergencia.

Declaration of Conformity certified by APPLUS


At the international level, the American standard ANSI/SEA Z358.1-2009 is recognized worldwide for Emergency Showers and Eyewashes.

ANSI/SEA Z358.1-2009
Emergency Showers and Eyewashes.

Declaration of Conformity certified by APPLUS
The following are the basic installation standards for Emergency Equipment.



The location of Emergency Equipment should comply with the following conditions:
It should be installed in places that are highly-visible and easily accessed from at least in three directions.
It should be installed in those areas where there is danger, and should not be more than 10 seconds away from the place where the accident can occur.
It should be placed at the same level as the source of danger, without any obstruction in the path to the Emergency Equipment, such as doors.

It is recommended to assemble the EmergencyEquipment as indicated by the assembly drawing.

The necessary means are as follows:
Pipe sealings.
Tools to fasten the equipment to the surface.

It is recommended to install the Emergency Showers that are not fastened to the ground at a height wherethe spray head is between 210 and 230 cm above thelevel where the user will stand.
t is recommended to install the Emergency Eyewashes that are not fastened to the ground at a height where the output nozzles of the Eyewashes are between 90 and 110 cm above the level where the user will stand..

The water supply to the Emergency Equipment should comply with the following conditions:
It should be supplied from the main or the emergency piping. The diameter of the supply tube should be atleast G 1" BSP". An inlet pressure of 2 bar is recommended for the Emergency Equipment.
For correct operation, the minimum pressure is 1.5 bar, and the maximum pressure is 8 bar.

A water temperature between 15º C and 37º C is recommended
It is recommended to install a filter, as well as to drain the piping before installing the Emergency Equipment.
Potable water, or of similar quality is required.



In case of accident, the injured person should shower orwash his/her eyes IMMEDIATELY for a minimum of15 minutes.

The Emergency Equipment is quickly activated as follows:
The Emergency Eyewashes pushing the lever backwards,or by pedal.
The Emergency Showers by pulling the triangular lever.
The manual equipment by pushing the lever.

A doctor or a first aid assistant should Shower or wash their affected area IMMEDIATELY..



The operation of the Emergency Showers and Eyewashes should be verified at least ONCE a week in order to guarantee the water supply and to prevent the proliferation of microbes.
Fill out the maintenance table supplied(Model 190190) or a similar one.

The personnel should be trained about:
The location and signaling ofthe Emergency Equipment.
The operation of the Emergency Showers and Eyewashes.
The manner of notifying the health care personnel.
Maintenance to be performedon the Emergency Equipment.



Each piece of equipment that wemanufacture is provided with a plate orsign to signal the unit (except in the table assembly models).
The plates are photoluminescent, with a green background, and white text.Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm