Laboratory taps and emergency equipment | Carlos Arboles
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Laboratory taps and emergency equipment | Carlos Arboles

Technical information

Water fittings
Standard headwork with non-rising spindle, not in contact with water, wide diameter and trapezoidal thread which guarantees long service-life.
Water fittings
With ceramic head cartridge for long life, with opening and closing function 1/4 turn, certified according to EN 200 with satisfactory results after 250.000 cycles
Gas valves
For better quality, safety and longer service life, with ceramic head cartridge, safety 1/4 turn with a catch that prevents accidental opening and a visual indication of opening or closing position.
Vacuum, compressed air and other gases and fluids
These valves have a teflon washer with an exchangeable stainless steel seat, with screw pitch of 0,75 mm. through which the flow rate can be finely regulated.
Fittings for special water
We have 100% plastic or stainless steel taps for special waters such as distilled water. In both cases the headwork are made from plastic.
Special productions
Through our modular production system, we can produce particular models in line with our customer's needs and also develop new products.
The laboratory fittings we produce are manufactured according to the following specific standards:

DIN EN 13792
Color code for fluids on operating devices of laboratory taps.

DIN 12898
Laboratory taps; outlet nozzles.

DIN 12919
Laboratory taps, connecting sleeves; tap columns, heights and flang dimensions.
DIN 12918-1
Laboratory taps.Part 1: Taps for water.
DIN 12918-2
Laboratory taps.Part 2: Taps for Gas.
DIN 3537
Gas valves (LESS THAN OR EQUAL) PN 4 Requirements and test for approval of laboratory valves.
Fluids identification follows EN 13792 Standard.

DIN EN 13792
Color codes.