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Laboratory taps and emergency equipment | Carlos Arboles

Emergency showers and eyewashes

Emergency showers and eyewashes serve as a first aid tool when an accident occurs while handling chemicals. In this way, if any incident occurs, eye and body damage can be avoided.

Emergency showers: Characteristics

In areas where aggressive or flammable liquids are handled, there is always a risk of an accident and, as a consequence, a possible contamination of different parts of the body with substances hazardous to health.

Emergency showers are characterised by the fact that they are quick help and the first emergency measure. They are easy to operate and the maintenance and control of safety showers is very important. They are obligatory in many work areas according to the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks and the Regulations for the Storage of Chemical Products.

Emergency eye showers: Characteristics

The main characteristic of emergency eyewashes is to decontaminate workers' eyes in the event of any type of accident, leak or spillage. They provide aerated water at low pressure and bathe the face and eyes without damaging the eye tissues. This avoids eye problems resulting from contact with hazardous substances.

Types of emergency showers and eyewashes

There is a wide variety of emergency showers and eyewashes to suit any type of space and situation.

Combined Shower and Eyewash Equipment
It is characterised by providing protection and safety to any part of the body, face and/or eyes, against any accident with chemical products. A correct location of the combined shower and eyewash equipment is essential to be able to provide immediate and effective first aid. We have a wide range of shower and eyewash combinations that also include an eye wash bowl, so that they can be easily adapted to your needs.

Equipment consisting solely of Emergency Showers
They offer quick help for first aid in the event of an accident. They are characterised by a more thorough cleaning of large areas thanks to the constant water supply. Their operation is simple and feasible in case of emergency. We have various types of safety showers: wall-mounted and floor-standing, fully floor-mounted, which adapt to any type of space and industry.

Equipment consisting solely of Emergency Eyewashes
They are used when it is necessary to act quickly and efficiently when a person is affected by contamination from dust, gases or other substances, and are used in laboratories and in different work areas where people are exposed to hazardous materials such as in the industrial or construction sectors. We have emergency eyewashes in different formats: fixed eyewashes and portable eyewashes so that you can choose the one that best suits your industry and the space in which you work.

Spare parts

Correct maintenance of emergency showers and eyewashes is essential to ensure that they are in perfect working order at all times. An inspection of the facilities should be carried out at least twice a year. We offer high quality spare parts for the different models we have so that you can guarantee the safety of your employees.


Our accessories help you to improve the quality of eyewashes and safety showers. They prevent obstructions in the use of first aid and allow the periodic control of the equipment and its correct maintenance according to the current regulations.

Certificates of compliance

Carlos Arboles S.A. designs and manufactures emergency equipment in compliance with current international standards that guarantee user safety. Our equipment meets or exceeds the following standards:

The requirements of these standards, among other aspects, are: the flow rate to be supplied by the Emergency Equipment, the distribution of the water jet over the body, the dimensions of the installation and the maneuvering elements. As well as aspects of signaling and accessibility.

Where to buy emergency showers and eyewashes?

Carlos Arboles supplies a wide range of high quality and reliable emergency eye showers and eyewashes. They are designed for industries, workshops, laboratories or sites where personnel are subject to the risk of eye or physical damage from fire or acids.

Thanks to their corrosion-resistant and environmentally friendly design, eyewashes and safety showers offer increased face and full body wash coverage. They are currently the fastest, most effective and safest solution on the market in the event of an emergency.

A quick and effective first emergency intervention with an eyewash or shower can often make a huge difference to the severity of the damage. With our wide range of emergency equipment, accessories and spare parts we are able to adapt to existing needs, space, layout and organization. We will help you to comply with the regulations governing the use and installation of emergency showers and eyewashes, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

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