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Laboratory taps and emergency equipment | Carlos Arboles

Laboratory taps

We have a manufacturing system that supplies a complete range of taps for water, gas and special waters. We have different configurations to meet the requirements of any laboratory. We manufacture special models that adapt to the needs of our customers, and we also develop new products.

Laboratory taps: Characteristics

All our taps are characterised by being coated with an anti-corrosive polyamide 11 plastic of 250-300 microns thickness. This coating is resistant to bases, organic acids, diluted mineral acids and aliphatic solvents. It is of vegetable origin and contains no volatile components or heavy metals. They can be manufactured in light gray, black, dark gray or white, depending on your needs.

Types of laboratory taps:

Taps for installation in laboratory furniture
There is a wide variety of taps available for laboratory furniture. Among the most common are remote-controlled water and gas taps, either front or vertical, vertical single lever taps with table-top water or gas outlet, front outlet taps with swivel spout and interchangeable nozzle, remote-controlled taps, water treatment taps and water or gas taps with slanting outlet.

Valves for installation in fume cupboards
This is the most versatile localized ventilation equipment available, as it allows the user to be protected regardless of the rate of generation of harmful substances. It is ideal for laboratories as it protects users from sprays or splashes through the front screen.

Pressure regulators specifically designed for laboratories
We manufacture pressure regulators that are specifically designed for laboratories. They are characterised by maintaining as constant a pressure as possible.

Spare parts

It is vital to constantly check the laboratory fittings to keep them in good condition in order to guarantee the safety of the workers. For this, we have a wide range of spare parts that will help you to guarantee the maintenance of your laboratory taps.


We offer a wide range of accessories that integrate seamlessly into the service systems. Accessories designed for specific tasks and adjusted to demanding requirements of functionality and safety, without forgetting careful aesthetics.

Certificates of compliance

Our laboratory fittings are manufactured in accordance with the following specific standards:

DIN EN 13792
Distinctive colors of the handwheels of laboratory fittings, according to fluids.

DIN 12898
Laboratory fittings nozzles.

DIN 12919
Dimensions of the connections and diameters of the bosses, height of the columns of laboratory fittings.

DIN 12918-1
Laboratory fittings. Part 1: Water fittings.

DIN 12918-2
Laboratory fittings. Part 2: Taps for combustible gases.

DIN 3537
Laboratory gas fittings, manufacturing and testing standards.

Where to buy taps for laboratories?

In Carlos Arboles we provide a wide variety of high quality and reliable taps. They are the most efficient solution for any laboratory activity as they adapt to any type of situation.

High quality and reliable laboratory taps can often make a significant difference to other laboratories. With our wide range of laboratory taps, accessories and spare parts, we can adapt them to the existing needs, space, distribution and organization. We will help you to comply with the regulations governing the use and installation of laboratory taps, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

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