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Laboratory taps and emergency equipment | Carlos Arboles

Superior Quality

The anti-corrosive plastic coating is made of 11 polymiade in HIGHLY VISIBLE YELLOW, and its technical features ara as follows:

Approximate thickness: 250 to 300 microns.
Melting point: 184° to 186° C
Flammability: Self-extinguishing.
Shore hardness D a 20° C, 75.

Overall, the coating is consideraably resistant against bases, sea water and saline enviroments; against oils, grease and aromatic solvents; to organic acids, diluted mineral acids and aliphatic solvents.

Neither fungi and micro-organisms stick to the parts, nor does frost collect on its surface.

Resistance to boiling water:
Excellent adhesion after 2000 hours.

Resistance to outdoors conditions:

Resistance to salt spray:
There is no corrosion after 2000 hours exposure (ASTM B-117 or AFNOR X 41-002 standard)

Resistance to sea water:
There is no corrosion after 10 years of exposure.

Plastic coating
The previously prepared metal part is heated in an oven at a constant temperature ranging between 300° C and 450° C, depending on the part mass and the nature of the metal, and as soon as it is removed from the oven, it is placed for three or four seconds in the powder suspended in a fluidification container. When the powder comes into contact with the hot metallic surface it melts and coats the said metal part evenly depending on te temperature of the part, its thermal inertia and the duration of the immersion. The part is removed from the container and air-cooled.

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