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Laboratory taps and emergency equipment | Carlos Arboles

Why is it important to have taps designed for laboratories?


Having a good quality, durable and reliable laboratory-specific tap can make a big difference compared to other laboratories, where the requirements and working environments are very demanding. Our laboratory taps are mainly characterized by a design that complies with current regulations and the use of resistant and durable materials, especially with anti-corrosion plastic coating, which offers a very high resistance to acids and bases.

At Carlos Arboles we have a complete range of taps for water, combustible and technical gasses and special waters. In addition, we have different accessories and spare parts to meet any requirement and need of our customers. Next, we explain to you what types of taps we offer and the importance of choosing a good tap.  

Types of laboratory taps

The taps we offer are made for every need of any laboratory, be it chemical, pharmaceutical or research, among others. They can be mainly classified:

  1. According to the type of installation: laboratory taps can be divided into table or worktop mounting, wall or wall mounting, suspended or gallery mounting. Taps that are mounted in fume cupboards, which are characterized by a combination of a front-mounted valve on the fume cupboard and an outlet inside the fume cupboard, are also particularly well-defined.

  2. According to the type of fluid: taps are classified as taps for water, taking into account that it can be cold and/or hot water, or special water such as deionised water, pure water or distilled water. Taps for combustible gasses, e.g. natural gas, butane or LPG, are defined in another group. Finally, taps for technical gasses, such as nitrogen, compressed air, helium or vacuum.

Choosing good laboratory taps

When choosing taps for a laboratory, it is not only advisable to be guided by their functionality, but also by their quality and durability, which are key to offering a better service. At Carlos Arboles we are committed to the highest standards of quality and sustainability, offering products at a good price, with the aim of meeting and complying with the key requirements for a laboratory:

  • Hygiene and safety.
  • Reliability and functionality.
  • Design and ergonomics.
  • Energy saving.
  • Mechanical and chemical resistance.

In addition, specialized taps for laboratory installations must strictly comply with certain compliance certificates for proper operation.

Laboratory taps by Carlos Arboles

In Carlos Arboles we have a wide variety of high quality and reliable taps, so that you can choose the most efficient model that best suits your workplace. 

There are many options that you have to adapt to the existing needs of the space, distribution and organization. Contact us, ask for a quote and we will advise you to find the faucet that best suits your laboratory.

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